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Just the podcast I needed thank you!

If you’re into the punk/emo/rock etc scene etc this a great podcast


I’m writing this review after listening to the first episode. I’ve been following Finn’s work for awhile now and I think this episode may be my favorite creation of his. Looking forward to future episodes. I really hope the Podcast blossoms and grows. Here’s to 2020

Thank you Finn

Nice work on episode 1. I’m stoked your doing this podcast.

So happy for this!

Huge YouTube fan, very excited for this.


Finn isn’t only a cool dude and amazing on YouTube, but he knows what he’s talking back. He doesn’t just spit out his opinion, he analyzes everything to give everybody a taste of other’s perspectives.

Sergeant D

aka Finn is one of the realest content creators out there.


A huge fan of the YouTube videos, really looking forward to the pods!!

I’m in.

I like Finn. I’m a fan of his YouTube channel, and I’m sure I’ll be a fan of his podcast. I’m pumped to hear it.



A long time coming.

As a huge fan of the Punk Rock MBA I’m very much looking forward to Finns’ new endeavor 🤘🏼🖤🤘🏼

Hella Excited

I can’t wait to hear full episodes!


Pumped!Been watching the YouTube channel for a while now,hopefully this takes off just like that did.💪🏻

Can't wait

Great atitude with hepful insight without being preachy


This is already my favorite podcast ever and I haven’t even listened to it

Can’t wait!!

Love the incite in your videos and can’t wait for this!


I cannot wait for this

Very Excited For This Show!

Finn McKennty used his YouTube channel to prove himself as a thoughtful critic of the music industry. I’m excited to see what kind of insights he’ll share inside a longer, less-constricting format like podcasting.