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A must listen

Been a fan of the YT channel for a long time, finally checked out this Podcast because Tommy End was on it. Now I need to go binge every episode

Branching out!

I watch PRMBA on YouTube but came to the podcast for Metal Jesus Rocks. I loved the crossover content and would love to hear PRMBA talk way more about their video game experiences and opinions.

Business meets Scene

Y’all I love this podcast. I’m in a wildly different industry, but I’m all about learning and growing my business and fiscal skills. Real convos, real concepts, interesting people. Count me in!

Excellent Diverse

I've watched Finn's youtube channel by the same name for a while and I really like his content. I thought i'd give his podcast a try. I wasn't dissapointed. He gives a great perspective on business which is a subject i've not dived into yet. Give it a listen if you like business from a punk rock (mindset) perspective.

Awesome Show

I love the authentic content and Finn’s delivery. Being a “scene kid” myself growing playing along side bands such as Winds of Plague, Suicide Silence, Impending Doom, A Day to Remember, The Devil Wears Prada, Sleeping Giant, and many more here in Southern California I can attest Finn is the real deal. He’s got great insight and I love his show.

This is ok but SYWH tho

This is chill (wood recommend), but Finn was way more based back in the day when he was being completely politically incorrect and trolling Walking the Cadaver. U could have been the scene Carles bruh. :( but this is cool too, ur def my fave Intellectual Dark Web bbro

10/10 Dude

Been listening to Finn since I heard him on Chocolate Croissants and I can’t get enough of his insights on everything from music to mental health. This dude has the ability to be Rogan level someday in his own style. 10/10 always recommend!

Tom Morello's brother killing it

Awesome podcast. Check out the episode with Ian McFarland - amazing back story about the Godfathers of Hardcore.

Give it a listen

Been following him on YouTube for over a year... this content is a great add. Not just music focused- you also pickup great tips for life and business.

Been following Finn for a couple of years now

Honestly he is one of the best commentators and interviewers always respectful and has great humor the fact that he works alone mostly from what I know is an inspiration and pushes the DIY boundaries I love that it isn’t always about bands or musicians there are some helpful insights from Finns own personal life from his experience within marketing, media, distribution, merchandise, etc it’s honestly great to see his platform rise and for those who love to see whose behind the driving Independent music of today this podcast would be a great endeavor to be invested within for all sorts of music industry or brand promotion and knowledge!

Great informational content

If you like alternative music (whatever you gunna call your fav genre), great informational content from inside the music business, inside the head of band leaders, how to handle everything in the business, plus so much more

Awesome Show

You can tell Finn knows his stuff. His guests provide relevant and interesting information and are super knowledgable. I haven't heard an episode that I dislike and I can’t believe this content is free. This show is a must listen.

Most Informative Podcast ever!

I love tuning in to learn what Finn and his guests have to talk about. I feel like I gain so much knowledge that it encourages me to do better in my life and projects. If you have ever wanted to get in depth with how famous and successful people have made it from the bottom, then you need to listen in and prepare to take notes!

I can't believe this is free

Honestly. The information that you get from this for 0 dollars is a gold mine. I love these indepth behind the curatin looks at the industry. A MUST for anyone that is looking to grow personally and professionaly


This is one of my favorite podcasts about the music industry hands down, and that’s saying a lot with it being so new! Great job, Finn. Can’t wait to hear more.

Great Podcast!

As with pretty much everything I’ve encountered from Finn, this podcast is very insightful, well thought out, and produced. There is a lot to be learned from this man, and the guests he has on his podcast. AND he has an awesome YouTube channel, which also contains great information on music and (more modern) music history. Thank you, Finn!

He also has a great YouTube channel

Finn is awesome. Super knowledgable about music histories of diff bands, but also about the business side of the industry. If you are in a band, you need to listen to this. If you are a modern music fan (punk/metal genres mostly), check it out. Finn has a great personality and way of speaking. Good stuff!

Has to be the best podcast of its kind

I don't think anyone does business-related music interviews better than it is done here. I'd recommend to anyone who enjoys his YouTube channel and wants serious insights from people who know how to make a creative career happen.

Thank you for what you do

Finn just gets it. He’s the music version of Gary V but even more realistic and inspiring. I’m a dj / producer and his insight helps me daily. Thank you for your content 🙏🏻

Super positive

Coming from a similar age group as Finn, it’s really great hearing a peer comment on contemporary music in a positive and honest way. Really Pumped to see how the emo-rap genre evolves in the near future.

Relavant and entertaining

Those are the two words I would use to describe this podcast. Finn is the man and I appreciate everything he does for this scene.

Great Podcast!

This hits all facets of the puzzle and supply’s great information for literally everyone!

Insight for the curious punk

I love Fins YouTube videos because he looks at things from every angle and gets me thinking. This podcast is no different. Love hearing from industry experts about the business end of music and honestly it can be inspiring. Keep killing’ Fin!!!

Great podcast!!! Music and business mixed. Love it

First episode I listened was with Brian Storm. Great stuff. Definitely will listen to all episodes

Perfect Podcast

Finn is doing something really special with this. Taking the current moments that artists and other industry professionals are living in then breaking down and explaining the steps that it takes to get there. Super insightful and extremely fun to listen to. Keep it going, it’s only up from here!

Love the show man!

I have been watching the YouTube channel for a while but I love that your doing the podcast so I can listen while driving! Learning lots from the channel! Loved the interview with attack attack it was a wake up call of the power we have with streaming and social media in the music industry as musicians.

Just the podcast I needed thank you!

If you’re into the punk/emo/rock etc scene etc this a great podcast


I’m writing this review after listening to the first episode. I’ve been following Finn’s work for awhile now and I think this episode may be my favorite creation of his. Looking forward to future episodes. I really hope the Podcast blossoms and grows. Here’s to 2020

Thank you Finn

Nice work on episode 1. I’m stoked your doing this podcast.

So happy for this!

Huge YouTube fan, very excited for this.


Finn isn’t only a cool dude and amazing on YouTube, but he knows what he’s talking back. He doesn’t just spit out his opinion, he analyzes everything to give everybody a taste of other’s perspectives.

Sergeant D

aka Finn is one of the realest content creators out there.


A huge fan of the YouTube videos, really looking forward to the pods!!

I’m in.

I like Finn. I’m a fan of his YouTube channel, and I’m sure I’ll be a fan of his podcast. I’m pumped to hear it.



A long time coming.

As a huge fan of the Punk Rock MBA I’m very much looking forward to Finns’ new endeavor 🤘🏼🖤🤘🏼

Hella Excited

I can’t wait to hear full episodes!


Pumped!Been watching the YouTube channel for a while now,hopefully this takes off just like that did.💪🏻

Can't wait

Great atitude with hepful insight without being preachy


This is already my favorite podcast ever and I haven’t even listened to it

Can’t wait!!

Love the incite in your videos and can’t wait for this!


I cannot wait for this

Very Excited For This Show!

Finn McKennty used his YouTube channel to prove himself as a thoughtful critic of the music industry. I’m excited to see what kind of insights he’ll share inside a longer, less-constricting format like podcasting.