May 1, 2023

Fat Mike (NOFX, Punk Rock Museum)

Fat Mike (NOFX, Punk Rock Museum)
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Fat Mike of NOFX joins to talk about the Punk Rock Museum in Las Vegas, why NOFX is breaking up, Hayley Williams calling him out and more. Fat Mike of NOFX interview.

The Punk Rock Museum:

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00:00:00 - Fat Mike Talks Kinks and Punk Rock Museum Expectations

00:02:48 - The Punk Rock Museum: A Deep Dive into Iconic Memorabilia

00:05:36 - The Joy of Walking Through the Punk Rock Museum

00:08:24 - The Definition of Punk and the Importance of Historical Accuracy

00:11:10 - Can't Cancel Bands Based on Past Actions

00:13:52 - The Transformational Power of the Punk Rock Museum

00:16:33 - Instruments and Artifact Mishaps on Tour with David Shapiro and Guests

00:19:15 - Building a Music Industry Operation

00:22:01 - The Stress of Running a Business and Choosing Vegas as a Location

00:24:51 - Why Vegas is the Most Punk Rock City in North America

00:27:38 - The Treasure Trove: Punk Rock Memorabilia and Drinks at the Bar

00:30:17 - The Worldwide Museum of Punk Rock and the Bleeding Edge Bands of Indonesia

00:32:57 - The Importance of a Punk Rock Museum

00:36:01 - The Cultural Importance of Punk Rock and Anti-Establishment Art

00:38:55 - Expanding the Punk Rock Museum with Changing Rooms Every Six Months

00:41:36 - Spreading Joy and Finding Happiness Outside of a Band

00:44:27 - Pursuing Passion over Financial Success

00:47:14 - Fresh Sound and Inspiring Bands: A Conversation with NOFX

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